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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The detail quality control procedure is attached herewith for raw material, inspection, final testing and dispatch.

We keep all books of standards (latest editions in original) in our library for ready reference.

Following are the few important points covered in our Quality Control Procedure.

Casting :

The castings are inspected at the foundries for the following :

Castings are again inspected at the shop floor visually. Properties mentioned in certificates are verified with applicable standards. Procurement of casting is done from reliable foundries only.

On all the castings, heat numbers are cast/punched by the foundries. The castings are shot blasted and heat treated as per the required heat treatment procedure. Foundries provide us with the certificates for chemical and physical properties of castings from their own/independent laboratories. The test bars of each heat are available with the foundries for verification of physical and chemical properties.

As a system of quality control procedure and cross verification we check the chemical and physical properties of castings at our end of at least 10% of the quantity received by us. The material for checking chemical and physical properties is sent to a reputable laboratory of the customer’s choice.

The foundries from where we procure castings or forgings are approved by various inspection agencies such as Engineers India Limited, Lloyds, Bureau Verities, PDIL, S.G.S., Box Counsel, TUV, D&V, IRS, IBR, etc.

Since we accept only sound casting, we do not adopt any welding process on pressure withstanding areas. The castings are sent back to the foundries for any welding, if required, and the same is duly stress relieved after welding.

Radiography on demand :

The castings procured by us are of radiographic quality and the foundries supply the radiographic films as and when informed in advance. Moreover, as per our standard quality control procedure we take radiographic test of 10% of our castings on critical areas as per ANSI B 16.34.

Quality Control plan for checking of raw material/finished items/individual components :

Cast products :

All the coupon plates of CAST products such as body, bonnet, cover, yoke, hinge, bracket, wedge, are subjected to these metallurgical tests as per the requirement of the client/third party inspection agency. The results are compared with the foundry test certificates.

Stainless steel rods/products :

All stainless steel products are 100% checked for chemical/corrosion and microstructure qualities before machining. The items made from these stainless steel products include spindle, & other required items.

Fasteners :

All fasteners, stud bolts, nuts made of carbon steel/mild steel. On demand we provide -- carbon steel (A193 Gr. B7, ANSI B 1.1 Class 2A and ASTM A194 Gr. 2H, heavy series)

Quality Control plan for machining components :

All the drawings and dimensions of internal construction are computerized. When an order is received, a fresh print out is handed over every time to the workshop for the machining of the various components. This reduces the chances of faulty machining which results in timely deliveries. Since the production slip is also maintained in the computer, it is updated daily and the traceability and stage of the order is known and evaluated daily.

Quality Control plan for final inspection :

During the course of final inspection, when required the third party inspector checks the raw material records and the machining records that will be crossed checked again. Before painting, third party inspection is shown unpainted valves for final dimension check and hydro/pneumatic testing. After being approved and stamped by the third party inspection authority, they are taken up for final cleaning, greasing, painting, labeling of nameplates and packing for dispatch. Each valve is tagged fastened to the hand wheel, referring to the size, class, material and client reference number. Every client for every purchase order will be given an easy valve

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