Ruff n Tuff Series Pinch Valve

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Ruff-N-Tuff Series MINING VALVES

Ruff-N-Tuff Series Pinch Valve


Introducing Ruff-N-Tuff series pinch valve for mining industries – pressure upto 40 bar with Soft-N-Tuff sleeves – used in

  • Fly Ash & Sand
  • Iron Ore
  • Gold & Silver Mines
  • Copper/ Nickle /Nin Ferrous Mines
  • Marbles & Granites
  • Coal Mines
  • Salt Industries Etc..
  • Granules

Special designed super weir resistant high elasticity and long life

Special features of soft n tuff sleeve for ruff –n- tuff series pinch valve

  • Highly flexible
  • Super gliding flow path
  • High pressure upto 40 bar
  • Long life ( 5 time more than conventional rubber )

Ruff –n- tuff valves for mining industries combination of rubtech & softech polymers
Shreyas after a vast experiments  & research have developed a combination of elastomers – which functions with satisfaction & providing maximum working life.